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Top Polyester Lace Fabric Manufacturers of China - Yaoyu Textile

Find best quality Embroidery Lace Fabric in bulk quantity and affordable price here. Shanghai Yaoyu Textile Co., Ltd is one of the renowned Polyester Lace Fabric Manufacturers of China. Established in 2014, headquarter is located in Pudong New District, Shanghai, China. We are expert when it comes to manufacturing innovative and unique designs of polyester lace and embroidery lace fabric. You can always be sure to get the best and top of the line products once you get in touch with us.

Shanghai Yaoyu Textile Co Ltd offers the finest selection of more than 300 different laces and embroidery lace fabric, Polyester lace fabric, Tulle, Net, and mesh fabric are also a part of our catalog. As a leading polyester lace fabric manufacturers, we keep all of our lace products well designed, trendy, and exclusive to deliver you the best quality every time. We have been recognized as one of the top Lace Fabric manufacturers of China.

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Top Lace Fabric Manufacturers

Being the leading embroidery lace fabric manufacturers of China, we insist on "outstanding quality, excellent services, and on-time delivery". We are devoted to reaching the global markets and willing to resolve all the different requirements like new designs, and top quality and low prices. We always ensure to create a better business relationship with all our local and international customers. We guarantee the buyers who come to us that they will always get the best and top quality textile product. You are always welcome to contact us to inquire about any product.

Better Prices

At Yaoyu Textile, you can always be sure to get the best prices when you reach us. We make sure that our prices are meeting our client’s budget and the quality that we offer to our clients is perfect. Yaoyu Textile is a name that comes to everyone’s mind when they are thinking to reach Polyester Lace Fabric Manufacturers who offer the best quality China Embroidery Lace Fabric at low prices. We are a flexible company that offers batch prices when you plan to purchase in bulk. Avail great prices on buying the best quality today.

Our Belief

We believe that providing customers with excellent service and quality China embroidery lace fabric, we will give our company and employees a promising future, and promote cooperation and friendship with clients all around the world. So we have been committed to improving the quality of products for our customers to create wealth for ourselves Under the guidance of this concept we have developed very well, with domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term cooperative trade relations with them.

Our Aim

As one of the top Polyester Lace Fabric manufacturers, our aim is to deliver innovative and unique designs of textile lace and embroidery lace fabric China to their local and international customers. We have always focused on customer satisfaction, and this is the reason why our clients love. We are here to make better trade relationships with our clients rather than making more money, and for this, we always offer the quality of product that customers love. You can be sure to find new and unique designs every time you visit Shanghai Yaoyu Textile Co., Ltd.


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    We have found Shanghai Yaoyu Textile to be very professional and there quality is also good with decent designs.

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    Shanghai Yaoyu fabric lace are good in quality and they give value to there customers

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