• Glitter mini bow clip

Glitter Mini Bow Clip

Brand:  Yaoyu Textile

Type: Holographic Bow

Material: Polyester Glitter coated

Pattern: All (upon order) 



Fancy Hair Bows

Get your hands on our beautiful-looking red glitter bows that you can wear for both casual and party use. We have hired professional designers to check out which color and type of bows suits the best on women and they all suggested bows that shine in the line along with attractive colors are the best for women wear. According to social media platforms, this product is one of the most demanded products for women. Crafting and designing a product like this requires a lot of attention to details and passion luckily, we have both.

Comes in All Types of Sparkling Colours

Our products are available in all types of sparkling colors ranging from red, yellow, blue, green, orange and much more. They are one of the best fashionable items, especially great for teenage girls. Our premium quality glitter hair bows come with an alligator type clip made from using only the finest quality materials providing excellent grip and durability. Metal clips of our bows are made for girls who have thin hairs so they won’t easily fall off. This is a perfect party wear product that will suit all your party and casual outfits.


We have used double layer of glitters on a soft and durable fabric. All our bows made from using precise measurements and materials cutouts. The shape of our product is newly manufactured and designed made to suit teenage girls and adults. This product can match your outfit in all types of occasions. We aim to provide our customers with some of the best-manufactured hair products that look great and feel great when you wear them. If you want to buy this product, just click on the inquire now button and order it today.